WordSong Donors

Aaron Copland Fund for New Music
Doctor Scholls Foundation
Governor Wentworth Arts Council
Harvard Musical Association
Music on Norway Pond
New Hampshire Humanities Council

Charles Burlingham
John and Harriet Carey
Judith Docter
Steve Friedlaender
Evelyn Haralampu
Tom and Kate Kush
Larry and Louise Smith

Marion and Julian Bullitt
Julian and Rhona Frazin
Joan and Rod Nordell
Brian Pfeiffer and Larry Hartmann
Micheal Scanlon
Ruth Gessner Schocken
Joan Smith
Stephanie Woolf
Shlomo Varsano

Laurie Bloom
Ron and Cathy Bosch
Charles Gessner
Deborah Hoover
Bruce Jobse
Robert Kent
David Pesetsky and Janis Melvold
Frank and Mary Scully
Marv Sparrow
The Herbert and Eleanor Weiss Family Fund

Richard and Mary Bradley
Clifford Cohen and Elisabeth Medvedow
Gibson and Renee Fey-LeBlanc
Nina Fieldsteel
Mary Fillman
Rev. W. Bradford and Catherine Greeley
Mary Harris
Tom and Sonja Hout
Salam Jarrah
Ernest Hartmann
Patricia Krol
Juilan Lander
Jeff Makholm and Mercedes Ridao
Anna Myer
Bill and Phyllidia Ruth
Dan Sexton
Jody and Rick Simpson
Til and Fred Stoddard
Robert Whitaker